Audrey at a glance

I am a work in progress.

I have been fighting alcohol all of my life.

Alcohol and I just do not mix – period, end of point.

You are never to old to change.

You do not have to keep drinking just because you think that is your “lot in life”, or because you are bored, or tired, or whatever.

Alcohol robs you of your beauty, both inside and out.

No more.


5 thoughts on “Audrey at a glance

  1. Hey Audrey, enjoying the blog. Whiskey has been my poison. Lots of whiskey, lots of blackouts, lots of time and money wasted. I’m on day one again, looking for inspiration. I found some here. Thanks for sharing your journey. With some hesitancy and maybe a little fear, I say, I don’t drink anymore.

    • Good for you John for taking that step. Alcohol is poison – we just need to pitch it from our lives. You CAN do this. Just say I am a non-drinker. I don’t need that shit. I LOVE being sober. I LOVE being healthy. GO ME!!

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