Sometimes shitty days happen

Sooooo …  I’m back on the sober train.  4 weeks this Saturday.  Baby steps.  I’ve been reading blog posts and commenting, practicing mindfulness, trying to be grateful for all things big and small.  Reaching out to others on the train.  Taking one day at a time.

This morning was a good reminder of why day’s sober are better than hungover.  Last night I threw a rag in the wash basin (where my washer drains) while doing laundry.  Needless to say I flooded our walkout basement.  Massive water pouring from the ceiling.  It’s not like after 30 years in this house I haven’t done it before, but I must say (rather proudly) it’s been years.   Anyway, after wiping up the flood in the laundry room and watching water pour down from the ceiling in my finished walkout/lower level I went to bed thinking really?  But it is what it is right?

Sooo this morning I get up.  Take all the wet soggy beach towels and throw them in the wash, put the stopper in the sink (I thought I just set it in, not plugged it) I proceeded to flood it again – Lord!!!  And all the towels were in the wash so running around like a crazy woman looking for dry towels to mop up the 1″ of water, once again, floating in the room.

After getting a handle on the water mess my dog decides to throw up all over the carpet.  Never thrown up before, but this morning seemed like a good day.  And all of this happened before 6:00am.  I should have never gotten up early.  But as I am no longer drinking that is what I do.

And I love it!!  Getting up early.  Enjoying my coffee with a clear head.  Dealing with one catastrophe after another.  This is life.  This is sober life.  It is what it is and I can deal with it without freaking out, or feeling sorry for myself, or whatever.  It’s just part of how things roll – some days are good, uneventful, and some give you a run for your money.  Today was one of those.

But in my new frame of mind I also realize that things can only go up from here.  If I was hungover the whole incident would have taken on gigantic proportions.  Not last night, not today – nope I don’t work that way anymore – it’s just shit happening.

Life is good!!  Even when it throws you for a loop.  Today I am grateful for my sobriety and looking forward to the one month mark.  Go me!!  And also thinking now I can get a new ceiling put in and a new coat of paint in the lower level – ha!!


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