Sleep, glorious sleep

I’m into week 2 of my sober journey.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping.  Not sure why, but it felt good, and today I feel great!!Missed most of the day, but it is early in my sobriety so I am trying to do what my body tells me to do.  And yesterday my body said sleep.

Had a small (o.k maybe not so small) meltdown the other day.  Long story but it involved the new puppy, small children, broken artwork my mum had made and a day that was just to packed with things going on.  Anyway decided to try the non-alcoholic route that so many have mentioned.  Went to the market and found 3 isles, 6 long shelves of booze and NO frigging non-alcoholic choices.  I did see a sign that said non-alcoholic and there was one lone 6-pack of O’Douls smushed between a whole boatload of IPA’s.  SERIOUSLY!!

Anyway, decided on some margarita mix (no alcohol involved) and went home and made myself a lovely frozen margarita.  It was actually quite refreshing.

I’m not drinking today because I feel great.  And seriously why would I want to pour that evil shit down my throat when I am feeling this good.



2 thoughts on “Sleep, glorious sleep

  1. I agree – seem to be doing a lot of that lately. And I’m waking up earlier and earlier. 5:30am this morning – wtf?? Oh well, that just means I can take a nap today. One of the many perks of being retired.

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