New month on the calendar

There is something exciting about looking at a new month on the calendar.
Every day is a blank slate. A new beginning. A new canvas to put my little hearts on – one for each day sober. And I do plan on filling every day in the month of June with hearts.
Life is good – really good – when you’re sober. Great sleep. No hangovers to contend with. No lost nights or days. No new unknown in origin bruises. No regrets. Even a bad day is good when you’re not drinking. DUH!! Kind of simple. Too bad I have such a thick skull and forget this when life is going so well.
My reason for staying sober today: My new puppy’s unconditional love.
I recently adopted a rescue puppy (Heinz 57). She is adorable. She is amazingly smart and good – no messes in the house. That is until the other day. I put her to bed early and awoke to find two huge piles awaiting me in the morning. Seems I left her food bag too handy and she tipped it over and had a pig fest. Did I mention she’s a pig dog? – loves to eat anything and everything all the time. I don’t know how much she ate, but she wasn’t interested in eating anything that day. And she was in and out of the house at least 8 times “discarding” her misdeed. LOL. The joys of being a new parent. Love my little girl – never a dull moment.
Hope your day is as wonderful as mine is going to be. Because just for today I will not drink!!


One thought on “New month on the calendar

  1. I totally agree with you on a fresh start to a new month. It’s exciting and feels so “new”. Congrats on your new baby girl! She sounds like an adorable handful. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Congrats on your sobriety. Each day without a hangover is such a gift.

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