Day 24 – 2018

I am sober – life is good.

I can feel myself getting calmer, more rational, laughing more.

Next week I will become more routine in my exercise program.  I just had knee surgery and gave myself permission to become lax, but now I am on the mend and ready to get at it.

In one week I will quit smoking for good – I am done with that part of my life as well.

On the diet front , wellllll, not so good, but baby steps I say.  I will tackle that one on February 1st as well.  At least try to eliminate the mass quantities of sugar which I have been inhaling.  I do like being fat and sassy though – ha!!  I seem happier when I am eating everything and anything, but alas, my weight is at an all time high and I do miss being able to look down and see my toes.

But above all I will put my sobriety first.  The rest will come in time.  Wisdom.


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